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Eucalyptus Spa

We offer an indoor pool and well-trimmed lawn for sun bathing and a well-trained life guard around the clock during pool operating hours, with bar and restaurant offering the best of healthy options perfect for kids and adults .

Our gym carries the modern gym equipment’s to cater the desire of every individual that visits our facility we also offer personalized workout regimen to help every member meet there highest goals in fitness and lifestyle.

We also have a well-trained instructor who is all rounded to offer zumba and yoga and aerobics.

Steam and sauna

Steam and Sauna

Enjoy our healing chambers driven by the most healing essential oils provided in your visit at the Eucalyptus Spa we offer daily access of 500 each per day, for in house and club members enjoy this facility for absolutely free.

Red Garnet


Enjoy the modern yoga therapy in our Eucalyptus Spa with our internationally qualified gym instructor for the in house guest and our health club members. We offer classes as part of our package to non-members with a daily fee of only 500 per session.

Red Garnet


Enjoy our fully equipped salon offering the latest hair trends with our highly experienced hair guru.

We offer a wide range of services ideal for walk ins, reservation and we also offer best wedding up dos.

Lush Gardens

Lush Gardens

The Panari Resort, Nyahururu has well-manicured lawns and flower gardens which makes it a beautiful location for wedding photo shoots, garden parties, engagement grounds, exhibitions and children’s outdoor activities.

Red Garnet

Kids Playing Area

Play in our indoor and outdoor game area with lots of fun activities for children and adults alike.

Lush Gardens

Swimming Pool

Take a swim in our indoor swimming pool

Steam and sauna


Recharge in the Gym



Excursions (outside the resort)

Laikipia Wildlife at a Glance

Laikipia harbors a wealth of wildlife species, including a wide are of bird species. Spotting Grevy’s zebras –the handsome, radar-eared, fine-striped species – is almost a certainty, as a quarter of Africa’s remaining population lives in Laikipia. You can find most of Kenya’s more common wildlife in Laikipia, too, as well as more than 2,000 elephants, which migrate between the slopes of Mount Kenya, the Laikipia safari conservancies and the Samburu region.


South Marmanet Forest

The 4500 Ha of forest forms part of the migrating route popularly known as the elephant corridor. It is an area where Rumuruti and South Marmanet forests join. In large numbers, elephants use this route to look for food from different parts of the extensive forest land as well as to access the farm lands neighbouring the forest during the harvest seasons, which happens mostly during the period between October and November.

The corridor is also important in accessing the elephant maternity where families accompany mothers to deliver their calves and watch over them for several days before proceeding.

A fire tower in the middle of this forest is in place to monitor cases of fire in the forest and is the point where visitors enjoy the scenic view.


The Hippo Pools

Hippo Pools along Ewaso Ngiro River ‘the river of brown waters’ as per the local community form part of the attractions in this region.

Best times to see the hippos are during the early hours of morning or at dusk when the large beasts are freely grazing on the grass fields. However visitors are cautioned to be careful when approaching the hippo grazing areas as hippos are extremely dangerous especially during meal time and at night. It’s highly advisable to seek backup security from the KWS centre that’s adjacent to the hippo camps.



Lake Ol’ Bolossat

Lake Ol’ Bolossat, Central Province’s only natural lake, is an internal drainage basin whose swamps have a high salt content possibly due to high evaporation rates and partly to the nature of sediments that constitute the area. The lake is situated in the valley between the North-Western slopes of Aberdare Mountains and Dundori Ridge which are the main catchments .The water from the Lake drains into the Ewaso Narok tributary, down the famous Thomson Falls, then connects to the legendary Ewaso Ng’iro.

This Lake is host to lots of wild animals like Hippopotamus and the hyena. In addition, 185 species of bird have been recorded here. Thousands of Palearctic and African waders and waterfowl inhabit the lake. It has been listed by Birdlife International as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area and would attract bird watchers in the tourism industry if well harnessed.

The most abundant species documented are the Long-tailed Widowbird, Red-capped Lark and Grassland Pipit

However, Lake Ol’ Bolossat is 7 km drive from the main road, though unpaved and would pose a challenge to non 4×4 cars during the wet season. The Lake is currently not legally protected so access to the lake is free of charge.

Thomson’s Falls

Thomson’s Falls

Thomson's Falls is a 74 m (243 ft) scenic waterfall on the Ewaso Ng'iro river, which drains from the Aberdare Mountain Range. It is situated two miles from the town of Nyahururu in central Kenya, at 2,360 m (7,750 ft) elevation. In 1883 Joseph Thomson was the first European to reach Thomson Falls, and named them for his father. He was a Scottish geologist and naturalist who was also the first European to walk from Mombasa to Lake Victoria in the early 1880s.

The mist feeds the dense forest below. Visitors can view the falls from above, or there's a trail down to the bottom of the ravine. Upstream from the falls is one of the highest hippo pools in Kenya.

Ewaso Narok River is a tributary of the Ewaso Ng'iro river. The falls span a height of 72 meters. It is a major economic resource for the adjacent town of Nyahururu. Most of the revenue is received from tourists, both international and domestic, who are charged at the gate. The site is eye-catching and everyone who wants to unwind after a busy week in the city can find it comfortable.

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